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For the Bride

As the bride, much of the wedding planning rests on you.

Here are some tips to get you started.

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Being The Bride

The time has come! Whether your engagement came as a total surprise, or was long awaited, you have, no doubt, at some time in your life considered and imagined how your wedding day would be.

There's so much to do to get started - First of  all announcing the news, selecting Bridesmaids and the all-important MOH (Maid of Honor), Deciding the Size and Theme of the Wedding, finding a Location and an Officiant, and of course, the top priority to many brides - THE DRESS!!!!

Calm down, and take a moment. We're here to help. Before you do anything else, Register, so that we can send you monthly checklists to keep you on track and get you access to all of the planning tools we have on our site. Next, check this page out before you click over to our Getting Started Page, to get an idea on where to start! 

We have help for
The Groom, too!

To whatever degree your groom plans to participate in the planning, he will still have questions.  

Send him to our Groom's page for some guidance....Who knows? He may just decide to really pitch in!

About the Bridesmaids

The bridesmaids attend their fittings, purchase their own gowns and accessories and assist in the planning and hosting of the bridal shower.  They may also assist the bride in other ways, such as with wedding favors, programs or decorations.


Younger attendants aged ten to fourteen may be junior bridesmaids who are often asked to light candles before the ceremony or attend to the guest book at the reception. All attendants are invited to pre-wedding parties and give joint or individual gifts for the wedding shower and wedding.  

Below are some traditional duties of the Bridesmaids. Be sure to defer to your bride, for direction.

See the Bridesmaid Page for more.

The Bridesmaid Luncheon

Hosted by the bride to thank her bridesmaids for their help, support and participation the bridesmaid’s luncheon is an ideal time to give a small gift of appreciation if you'd like.


The luncheon can be held at a restaurant or home. A new trend is to replace the luncheon and gift by treating each bridesmaid to a spa service or otherwise spending some relaxing activity together. Find more information on bridesmaid’s gifts in the “Gifts” section.

Maid of Honor
About the Maid or Matron of Honor

The maid of honor is the main source of wedding and pre-wedding emotional support for the bride. She shops and plans with the bride, and helps the bride with pre-wedding tasks such as wedding favors and addressing invitations and often joins the bride and her mother to shop for the wedding gown.


The maid of honor is the coordinator and source of information for bridesmaid events including fittings and the bridal luncheon.  She organizes a shower in honor of the bride and coordinates or delegates coordination of a bachelorette party, if one is given.


On the day of the wedding she concerns herself with assisting the bride in her dressing and preparations for the day, accompanying her to any beauty appointments and seeing to her emotional well being. At the ceremony itself she adjusts the bride’s veil and train, holds the groom’s ring until the appointed time and the bride’s bouquet during the ring exchange.  She will also sign the marriage certificate as a legal witness.  She may participate in the receiving line.


During the reception she is seated in a place of honor and may make a toast to bride and groom.  She will also keep watch over the bride’s health and appearance, seeing that the bride eats properly and helping with beauty touch-ups. She may also act as intermediary between the bride and any wedding professionals assisting at the reception. Near the end of the reception, she helps the bride change to her going away outfit and sees that the wedding gown and accessories are properly cared for until the bride can arrange for cleaning and storage. She gets the bride’s bouquet to a preservationist if requested.


Sometimes a bride will choose both a maid and matron of honor, particularly if she has both a close friend and married sister.

See the Bridesmaid Page for more.

Wedding Gown Shopping ....arguably the best part of planning a wedding!

Without a doubt, shopping for your bridal gown is one of the highlights of being engaged. It is usually a new and unfamiliar experience, so visiting the first shop can be a bit daunting. When you know what to expect, the process becomes much more fun and productive. 

Find out everything you need to know before you shop!

Mother of the Bride
About the Mother of the Bride

The bride’s mother often plays a significant role in pre-wedding planning particularly if she and the bride’s father are hosting the wedding. More importantly, she escorts the bride in the selection of her wedding gown and attendants gowns and is often the main wedding coordinator. This is a delicate position as she must act as a tempering agent guiding the bride in many decisions, particularly those of tradition and etiquette while allowing the couple’s personalities to shine through the festivities. She consults with the bride about her own attire then has first choice of color for her own gown, which she provides, then shares that information with the groom’s mother who may choose to compliment or coordinate.


She gathers her portion of the guest list, helps with invitations, and keeps the bride’s father apprised of all wedding functions. She attends showers or parties given in the bride’s honor. The bride’s mother is last to be seated at the ceremony and is a mandatory participant in the reception line. The bride’s mother is traditionally the hostess of the reception, sitting in a place of honor with the bride’s father. She dances with the groom after he has danced with his own mother. 

See the Parents of the Couple Page for more.

THE ONE Wedcyclopedia

Need to navigate wedding terms?  Check out

THE ONE Wedcyclopedia for definitions and answers to your wedding questions.

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