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Beautiful and Stylish Invitations and Paper Goods 


Sending out invitations should be simple, right? - But with so many looks, wordings and components to choose from, it can be hard to decide. Keep these things in mind:

  • Your invitation sets the tone for your wedding. In addition to critical information, many other things are communicated to your guests through your invitation. The colors and style (urban, country, serious, or lighthearted etc.) of your invitations will let your guests know what to expect, (and maybe even what to wear), as well as create a seamless introduction to your wedding activities.

  • As for what to include in your wedding invitation "suite" (the pieces you will include in the envelope) that's up to you, but usually influenced by the level of formality and how your your wedding is structured.

  • As if that's not enough to think about, there is the wording. Again, this is often reflective of the style and formality of your wedding, and of course the circumstances of your family units, who is hosting the wedding, and professional titles of the participants among other things. Soon will will be adding information to this page that will guide you, but meanwhile, we will direct you to other sites where you can find the information you will need. 

Leafy Themes

Among the top invitation trends we are seeing now is the use of either natural looking or stylized leafs and greenery on invitations or even envelope liners. Speaking of envelope liners - print liners inside, as opposed to empty envelopes are trending as well. Perfect for a vineyard wedding or for anything rustic or outdoors, see this invitation suite and others here.

Watercolor Florals

Going along well with the trend for pops of bright colors (which we are glad to see after so much, albeit gorgeous, blush and champagne), are beautiful, colorful watercolor florals. Either as a header or border, or even as an envelope  liner, these patterns will set the tone for a cheerful, lighthearted wedding day - or even a wedding brunch. 

These beauties from Minted are our favorite example and come with lots of great options, including the opportunity to have them pre-addressed! See them and many other beautiful choices here!


Metallics on invitations have been trending and available for a while, but relatively new to the arena are the tones of copper and rose gold. Either on the invitation in the form of foil overlay, or printed on or even (we love this) very thin wire wrapped around the invitation card itself the metallic look is a good choice for an urban chic as well as formal wedding. See the entire suite, and other color options here.


Mini-Book Invitations

The first real game changer on the invitation scene is the mini book; cute, compact, information filled and..did we mention cute?...

The book look comes in enough styles to suit pretty much any wedding style - dare we say - even the semi formal wedding?!

Pictured here is one of our favs, but there are lots more to check out here

Gorgeous Invitations

for Everything Else!

Don't let your creativity be restricted to your wedding invitations. This rehearsal dinner invitation is available in other colors and can be personalized to suit your needs. Check out your options here.

Print Your Own!

On a budget - or just want to create your own look?

You can print your own invitations with products and downloads from Minted! See what's available here!

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