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Set Up Your Wedding Website


So you know you want a website for your wedding, but which one should you choose? The last thing you want to do is spend time setting one up, only to find out that what you thought was free, charges after the first 30 days, or worse of all, you can't keep track of guest details important to you! The answer depends on what you want to include on your site, what you need it to do, and what payment option works for you. To help you out, we have set up links to some of our favorite sites, along with a brief description of what they offer. 


One of our current favorites, AppyCouple offers lots of templates, flexibility, and functionality in their sites. The sites are mobile responsive and look great on all devices. There are hundreds of templates to choose from ranging from rustic to minimalist and more. You can include photos and accommodation info and change your template at any time. As for your guests; you can upload your list, manage it, communicate with the guests, track multiple events and of course track RSVPs. You can also have your own personal website address.  As for extras, they tout "streaming of your wedding", which we have not tried, but sounds like a great feature. (Of course you would have to check with your wedding site and photographer for approval.) The downside is that there is no free option and no free trial. The one time fee ranges from $39 for your choice of 500 templates, to $89 for a designer template, and allows you to have the site up for as long as you need it, so it's actually a pretty good deal for all they offer.  



EWedding offers attractive templates that you can customize and up to 125 RSVPs texted to your phone. You can also track multiple events.  You can, of course add photos and accommodation information plus a unique feature of adding MP3 music to the site. The sites are mobile friendly. The free version does not allow you to have a custom domain name where the paid version ($7 a month) does. The paid site also includes premium themes, tracking of additional guest info and registry information. You can download your guest list. Comments on their site note that email assistance is easily available. 



Minted offers both a free version and a paid version ($35 one time charge) which includes additional features not on the free site. The free site is mobile friendly, tracks RSVPs, and allows you to track multiple events as well as include accommodation and registry info and ability to download information. Photos are limited and you can't have a personal domain name. The paid site includes all of the free site features plus a personal domain name is possible, and photos can be added. An added feature is that you can purchase invitations and stationery that match your site.




Wedding Window offers a free version of their mostly mobile responsive sites with limited, but attractive templates and limited customization. It does have quite a few features, including accommodations info, blog, photo uploads, registry, guest book, and music as well as the RSVPs. Their premium option ($79 a year - sometimes discounted to $59) includes a much larger selection of templates, plus an uncommon feature; video backgrounds,  up to 60 pages for the site, ecards, email blasts, and an option for guests to upload photos.  


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