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THE ONE Complete Wedding Planner

The award winning wedding planning book, that started it all.

Whatever style wedding you are planning, THE ONE Complete Wedding Plan Book leaves no stone unturned or detail forgotten. It gets right to the point, giving you the information you need and the steps to get it done, on time and under budget. 

"THE ONE Wedding Planner has everything you need & beyond, to plan the wedding of your dreams. From check lists to details of what you should ask vendors, this planner leaves you with no questions, except maybe, 

"why didn't I get this sooner"?"

"Stacy" from Salinas, CA

THE ONE "Mini" Wedding Planner

A junior version of the National Award Winning Wedding Planning Workbook that has helped THOUSANDS of brides to make their day all they dreamed and more! "The One" mini keeps the information simple and concise so all you have to do is follow along with the simple workbook format.

Register for Monthly Planning Lists

Register with for Monthly Planning Lists and Tips, plus access to online our Wedding Planning Forms, Including Wedding Budgets, Guest Lists, Questions to Ask Vendors, Fun Templates and much more.

Don't worry about spam (we don't share your info) or persistent emails. You will be automatically removed from mailings as soon as your wedding date has passed.  

Need to navigate wedding terms?


Visit THE ONE Wedcyclopedia for definitions and answers to your wedding questions.

Essential Wedding Planning Forms and Lists

From establishing your wedding theme, to budgeting, managing guests and beyond, our forms keep you on track. Many are working excel forms that keep up with and track your progress. All are downloadable, so you can keep them on your cloud drive to access from anywhere! 

Keep track of Guests, RSVPs
and Gifts

Use our Guest Worksheets to create your lists (one for everyone involved), consolidate them, collect RSVP's, and be sure you send Thank Yous for gifts.

Download and Print them as PDF's, or Download and Save to Your Google or Cloud Drive for easy access for everyone involved. *

Working with local wedding vendors is the green choice in wedding planning. Everyone spends less time on the road and in addition to reduced travel fees, they care more about your wedding because they want to establish long term relationships with you and your local friends. 

A great way to get started on or enhance your planning is to attend a bridal show. It's a great opportunity to get you and your family and friends excited about the wedding and get some real "face time" with vendors. 

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