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Whether you are taking a large or small part in the wedding planning, there are some things with which you might need a little advice.

THE ONE Wedcyclopedia
THE ONE Wedcyclopedia

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Our Tips page has articles that can give you guidance on other wedding subjects as well.

Grooms Plan Too!

Selecting the Engagement Ring

Unless you are certain that you are very much in touch with your fiance's style and preferences, avoid a total surprise in the design of the ring she will be wearing the rest of her life. Try to find a way to be sure that the ring you select is one she would have chosen herself.


If you must surprise her, first do some fact finding through subtle questions, window shopping etc. or enlisting help from a close (albeit discreet) friend. You may also consider choosing the stone, and later escorting your bride to the jewelers to select the setting.  A final option is to make a deal with a generous local jeweler for a quick exchange. If you can’t spend as much as you would like, select a setting that can be enhanced later as finances allow. 

Read an article about wedding jewelry metals here. 

There are many colors and karats of Gold, Silver, Platinum, Titanium and many more. Learn the Pros and Cons of each.
Best Man
Making the Announcement

Once you two have decided to be married, you will want to share the news. As tempting as it may to make an immediate Facebook post, there are conventions and etiquette that should guide you. The bride’s parents should be the first to know. In traditional families, grooms first ask the bride’s father for her hand in marriage.


Sharing the news with the bride's parents in person is always best, but if this is not possible, by all means telephone and speak to them (don't text) before any possibility of them hearing from someone else. Of course, this visit should be followed closely by a visit to the groom’s parents. Depending on circumstances, it might be wise for the prospective bride or groom to first meet with their parents in private. Of course, many religions and ethnicities have their own guidelines regarding the order and style of announcement which should be followed. 


If either of you have siblings, children, foster or step parents they would be the next to receive the news personally, followed by your closest friends. 

(As excited as you may be, be sure to put careful thought into the selection of your Best Man before you just blurt out the invitation.)

Engagement Ring
About the Best Man

The choice of a best man is often a difficult one to make. It is an honor which generally is bestowed on a very close friend or brother closest to the groom, which comes with duties not just limited to the important emotional support he provides the groom, but includes many wedding related responsibilities, as well.


Among them, he keeps the bride’s wedding ring secure, gets fees to the officiant following the ceremony, and signs the marriage certificate as a legal witness. 

Here you fill find some traditional duties of the Best Man and Groomsmen

Read about traditional duties of the Best Man, Groomsmen, and Ushers.
Selecting Formalwear for the Occassion 

The selection of your and your groomsmen's apparel for the wedding should be based on many factors, mostly involving the location and level of formality of the event. Another very important factor is the style of the bride's gown and your personal style. 

Before selecting your attire discuss it with the bride, keeping in mind that this is a once in a lifetime occasion you will remember for many years ahead when your "wild side" or current fetish may have tamed a bit!

Socks and ties are a good way to inject your personality, while keeping the solemnity of the occasion. 

Read about "Levels of Formality" in a wedding, to get it right.
Get Started
The Style and Theme Worksheet

THE ONE'S Style and Theme Worksheets are a great way to establish consensus on a game plan for the look and feel of your wedding. They have questions you can simply answer, compare, and contrast with those of the bride, then finally come to plan you both can agree on. It's a great excercise in compromise and cooperation as well as a great tool to get you started with your planning.


Ask your bride to (or you can!) Register today, to access and get started on this quick task that will make all the other planning so much easier.


Is she already registered? Use the password to access that form and many others here

Other Things You May Want to Know and Do

ENGAGEMENT PORTRAITS - Often taken just after the engagement and used on "Save the Dates" or in newspapers to make the announcement.

WEDDING WEBSITE (AKA "WEDSITE") - We review the best and give you the details so you can choose the one for you.

YOU'LL ALSO NEED TO REGISTER FOR GIFTS - The good news is that you can do alot of it online, and you can even register for cash! See our picks.


If you aren't scared off yet and really do want to help "get the ball rolling" go to our "Getting Started" page for some first steps to take.

Congratulations!!!  And Best Wishes for a Great Wedding Day!

Getting Started Guide.
A Great Job for Grooms!
Create the Wedsite!

Almost an essential in the 2000's, is your Wedding Website, AKA your "Wedsite".  


Your Wedsite is not only an informational tool for your guests (times and places) it is a handy and time saving tool for them as well.


Depending on how you set up your site and what features your builder offers, they can access gift registry information, (one of the two polite places to put it!), RSVP to the wedding, respond to other questions, and even post photos. 


Finally, (and most fun) it is their opportunity to learn more about you as a couple and how you met, as well as getting a glimpse of your personal style and the potential theme of the wedding.


We've reviewed and set up links to some of the most popular Wedsite builders.

Take a look!

How Many Groomsmen?

The selection of your groomsmen, is typically made some time after the selection of the best may and after you have made a joint decision with your bride on the size and formality of the wedding as well as the number of bridesmaids she has in mind. 

The more formal the wedding, generally the larger the wedding party - but there are no hard and fast rules, of cours!  A more formal wedding, however, allows for a few more guys than girls, as some of them can serve as ushers to guide the ceremony guests to their assigned seats.

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