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From Engagement Ring guidance to What to Wear and more. - Check out our page just for Grooms!

Making the Announcement

Once you two have decided to be married, you will want to share the news. As tempting as it may to make an immediate Facebook post, there are conventions and etiquette that should guide you. The bride’s parents should be the first to know. In traditional families, grooms first ask the bride’s father for her hand in marriage.


Sharing the news with the bride's parents in person is always best, but if this is not possible, by all means telephone and speak to them (don't text) before any possibility of them hearing from someone else. Of course, this visit should be followed closely by a visit to the groom’s parents. Depending on circumstances, it might be wise for the prospective bride or groom to first meet with their parents in private. Of course, many religions and ethnicities have their own guidelines regarding the order and style of announcement which should be followed. 


If either of you have siblings, children, foster or step parents they would be the next to receive the news personally, followed by your closest friends. 

(HINT: As excited as you may be, put thought into selection of your Maid of Honor, Best Man and Wedding Party before you just blurt out the invitation.)

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Pre-Wedding Step-by-Step

Seems simple and silly, but checking things off feels good, keeps you on track and takes the pressure off. This will get you started while you wait for your first monthly list.  (*Some require Registration to access forms.) 

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  • Good News to Bride’s Parents

  • Good News to Groom’s Parents

  • Fill out *Style and Theme Worksheets

  • Discuss Finances and Download Wedding Budget

  • Discuss *Wedding Budget and who will pay for what

  • Finalize Our "Style and Theme Worksheet"

  • Discuss Wedding Planners/Consultants

  • Interview Wedding Planners/Consultants

  • Finalize Wedding Planner/Consultant

  • Discuss Possible Wedding Dates

  • Discuss Family Ethnic and Religious Traditions

  • Set Wedding Date

  • Set up Wedding Website

  • Prepare and Send out “Save the Date” to essential guests

  • Discuss Wedding Attendants

  • Inform and finalize Wedding Attendants

  • Download Guest List form and save to cloud

  • Prepare bride’s family Guest List

  • Prepare groom’s family Guest List

  • Prepare balance of Guest List

  • Finalize Guest List using *Guest List Worksheet

Selecting Your Symbols 
of Commitment

You just go into a jewelry store and choose the first thing you like, right?

Well, not exactly. There's a lot to think about including the reputation of the jeweler, the lifestyle of the  wearer, and the resilience of the metals as well as the cost. 


Before you start read our article on Jewelry Metals.

About THE ONE book
The Style and Theme Worksheet

THE ONE'S Style and Theme Worksheets are a great way to establish consensus on a game plan for the look and feel of your wedding. They have questions you can simply answer, then compare with each other to come to plan you both can agree on. It's a great exercise in compromise and cooperation as well as a great tool to get you started with your planning.


Register to request your Style and Theme Worksheets today, to get started on this quick task that will make all the other planning so much easier.


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An essential in the 2000's, is your Wedding Website, AKA your "Wedsite".  


Your Wedsite is not only an informational tool for your guests (times and places) it is a handy and time saving tool for them as well.


Depending on how you set up your site and what features your builder offers, they can access gift registry information, (one of the two polite places to put it!), RSVP to the wedding, respond to other questions, and even post photos. 


Finally, (and most fun), it is their opportunity to learn more about you as a couple and how you met, as well as getting a glimpse of your personal style and the potential theme of the wedding.


We've reviewed and set up links to some of the most popular Wedsite builders.

Take a look!

Need to navigate wedding terms?

Visit THE ONE Wedcyclopedia for definitions and answers to your wedding questions.

We also have articles that can give you guidance on other wedding subjects that you will, no doubt,

be discussing soon, such as:


Selecting a Venue

Selecting an Officiant

Save the Dates

Ideas for a Less Expensive Wedding 

Style and Theme
About "THE ONE Complete" Wedding Planning Book

To make your wedding planning truly easy and seamless, use THE ONE Complete Wedding Planner.  Our Award Winning  Wedding Planning Book has been used by thousands of couples to get their wedding, their way and to be confident that they are staying on track and not missing any important details. 

THE ONE contains all of the forms above and more, plus questions to ask vendors and things you MUST be sure to include on your various contracts, as well as explanations of and clear and concise guidance, step by step, through every phase of your Wedding Planning.

Not only is  THE ONE Complete
Wedding Planner available in 
various prints to match your 
personality, there are also totes
and file boxes available!
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