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Let's Get Gorgeous!!!

BRIDAL GOWNS!      BRIDESMAID GOWNS!     BRIDAL HAIR!                  OH MY!!! 

Choosing gowns and accessories is fun - but serious, too!  There are many things to consider: the formality (or casual style) of your wedding, what silhouettes look best on you and your maids, what accessories you will wear (accommodating a family heirloom?), and of course the perfect hairstyle to complement it all.  

Bridal Gowns

Brides' Thoughts

on Revealing 

Wedding Gown Trends

According to The Wedding Report, 46.6 percent of brides say the see-through trend in wedding dresses is not for them! 


Though trendy on the runways the popularity of cutouts and see-through details on bridal gowns seems to be dependent on just how dramatic or revealing they are.


Almost half of the brides are vehement about their dislike, but 30 percent are ambivalent, which suggests that it’s really a matter of personal taste and how comfortable one is showing their physique on their big day.

58.1% of Brides Say No To Gowns With Plunging Front Necklines.

Apparently brides feel that there is a fine line between classically sexy and Vegas showgirl, and over half of brides polled seem to find gowns with plunging front necklines too close to the latter, and want no part of it for their wedding! 29.2% can take or leave the trend, showing that perhaps they would have to see the gown first in order to decide. Only 2.8% of our brides commit to this trend and embrace the daring look!

Bridal Gowns

Bridesmaid Gowns

Amazing Eyes

Are you as knocked out as we were by our cover model's breathtaking ocean blue eyes??

Even if you weren't naturally blessed with your "wish list' eye color you can still mix it up a bit in the  iris department by taking advantage of comfortable, tinted, daily wear contact lenses.

Bridesmaid Gow

Wedding Hair Ideas

86.9 % of brides say that accessories should not overwhelm the hair style.

Wedding Hair
Wedding Shoes
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