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Benefits of Using Local Vendors

Using local vendors is the “green choice" for the Eco chic bride. Using local vendors reduces both your time and the vendor’s time on the road, saving not only time and money but energy consumption, as well.

Familiarity – Working with vendors from within your region increases the chances that your vendors will know one another. How is this helpful? They are accustomed to working together and can anticipate each other’s needs and methods, helping each other out and making it more likely that things will run smoothly. They know what to expect from each other and how to work together to ensure a seamless wedding day.

Wedding professionals that come recommended by other wedding professionals care about their reputations and care about you. There are many unscrupulous who try to turn a hobby into instant income – at the expense of unknowing brides. Choose your professionals carefully – in particular, those that you will need to rely on for their providing a product after the wedding (video & photos) and those who will have an impact on you and your guest’s enjoyment of the day itself. (Disk jockey, emcee, coordinator) With others, be prudent as well: Get the trial makeup and hair appointment instead of just “winging it” on the big day. Be sure to see samples of the cakes and flowers previously done by the professionals who will be doing yours and by all means – get a tasting of your meal!

The economy – investing in local wedding professionals is an investment in your community. Keeping your dollars in your local communities, strengthens you local economy and provides jobs for your friends and neighbors as well.

You are building a relationship for a lifetime. It is very likely that the florist who designs your wedding could well be the one that designs the flowers sent to welcome your newborn or to celebrate your fifth wedding anniversary.

They know the local “ropes” – having worked in an area for years, your regional professionals know the hours, rules and idiosyncrasies of the regional venues and places of worship. Their insights can not only save you time, but inconvenience and embarrassment as well.

Reduced stress – when you and your wedding planning aren’t too far from home, you cut out all of that “do I have everything” stress that comes with the necessity to be prepared.

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