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Greenery Options for Wedding Decor

For brides, the first option that comes to mind in terms of decor is usually flowers. A look at some truly gorgeous weddings will demonstrate that there are many other beautiful plant based decorating options. All shades of green leaves and plants can be an elegant and affordable addition to your floral accents for both the ceremony and reception. The following are some basic ideas for decorating a wedding with greenery.

Wreaths aren't just for Christmas, and can be a beautiful choice for any style wedding. In addition to the common evergreens used in Christmas wreaths, there are plenty of other types of greens to use for wreaths all year round. Aromatic eucalyptus leaves, fragrant herbs, classic boxwood, laurel leaves, large magnolia leaves and even wheat or other dried crops or succulents are just some of the materials that can be used to create elegant non-holiday wedding wreaths. A round wreath is always lovely, especially because the eternity symbolized by a circle is very appropriate for a wedding. Other specialty shapes can also be very appealing, such as a contemporary square wreath (especially nice in boxwood) or a romantic heart shaped wreath.

Another versatile way to enhance your wedding with greens is to use garlands. Simple green garlands look elegant wrapping the poles of an arbor for an outdoor ceremony. Either on their own on enhanced with yards of tulle, they create a clean yet romantic altar decoration. If you like the sparkle of chandeliers and crystal, intersperse your garland with large crystals to catch the sunlight or twinkle lights to simulate a candle's glow. Green garlands also look marvelous draped over the doorway of a country church, a rustic old barn, or your own front door for a wedding at home. If having a traditional long head table, a garland of greenery can be swagged across the front of the table. Add some flowers to the greens if you wish. Or coil ribbon through the boughs for a touch of color.

Other increasingly popular wedding decorations are large initials or monograms made from greens. Various types of moss are especially suited for this type of decor. You can either have one monogram letter made featuring the initial for the couple's last name (more appropriate for the reception after the bride and groom have become a family) or a single initial representing the bride's first name with a second one for the groom. Hang your custom initials on the church or reception doors, on the gates entering an outdoor venue, on the backs of the bride and groom's chairs at the dinner table, are all viable options. Pick a pretty ribbon that suits the wedding theme to suspend the initials, such as gingham for a country wedding or a bridal satin for a more formal affair.

Greenery can also be a lovely as a table centerpiece. Moss globes or semi spheres made of succulents perched atop stone garden urns are simple but elegant for either an indoor or outdoor wedding. Topiaries are also charming. Smaller ones can serve as centerpieces, and larger can define entrances or the ceremony focal point. Topiaries can be handmade, ordered from a florist, or rented from a design company or garden shop. A topiary can easily be personalized with the addition of a ribbon in the wedding color, adding flowers, inserting crystals, or even faux birds or butterflies.

Another idea for enhancing your wedding with greenery is to wrap it around decorative elements like candelabras or hurricane lanterns. Myrtle, ivy, or pine greens would be lovely accents, whether your wedding is formal or casual. Of course, one should always consider the ecological and economic benefits of using live plants which may be planted and enjoyed for many years after the wedding. Take care when going this route, that the plants are handled correctly both to preserve their health, and to insure that you do not bring a garden store feel to an otherwise intended wedding. Always be sure to consider the dangers of allergic reaction and toxicity of any plant used near guests or foodstuffs.

Should you be so inclined, greenery is definitely a direction to consider when planning your wedding day decor and with some thought and the cooperation of your florist, can be beneficial to not just the ecology but your wallet, as well.

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