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Wedding Hair to Match Your Gown

The perfect bridal gown deserves the perfect accessories, and that includes your hairstyle. With more necklines than ever available these days, it is easy for brides to get confused about which hair styles work best with which wedding gowns. This is an easy guide to help you match your hairstyle to your wedding gown for an unbeatable look.

One shoulder wedding dresses are the choice for some brides, and this very unique neckline calls for a carefully crafted wedding hairstyle. After all, if you wear your hair down over your shoulders, you will end up obscuring the one shoulder detail that makes the gown special in the first place. Hair should definitely be pulled off your neck when wearing a one shoulder bridal gown. A beautiful way to complement the asymmetrical neckline is with a soft chignon which is pulled off center to the opposite side of the single shoulder strap. It creates a pleasing visual balance to the gown and also ensures that your hairstyle will not hide the cut of the dress. Keep your bridal hair jewelry simple and modern with this style; a beautiful crystal brooch tucked into the chignon will be perfect.

Strapless gowns are always popular, and the openness of the neckline creates its own needs when it comes to a wedding hair style. Soft waves cascading down over your shoulders will help to break up all that empty space and add a bit more coverage, especially for the wedding ceremony. For a more formal wedding, an updo piled high on the top of the head or soft braids and rolls at the nape of the neck can also work well with strapless. Just be sure to wear a dramatic necklace to fill in the empty area between your bodice and chin, otherwise you will look naked in any close up pictures! A veil will also help to soften the look, and is always lovely for a formal wedding ceremony. Select bridal hair jewelry which complements, but doesn't overwhelm the details on your strapless gown, or your necklace and earrings.

The traditional illusion neckline is a very demure and sweet style of bridal gown. A sheer fabric covers the shoulders, and adds a special detail to what otherwise could have been a standard strapless neckline. Some illusion dresses feature beading on the sheer portion, which will sparkle delicately over the skin. The perfect hairstyle for this gown can be a half up, half down 'do. It will allow the illusion neckline to show, while enhancing the feminine style of the dress. Of course, you don't want your hair to cover any details on your gown, so if your illusion bodice features beading, pull all of your hair up into a classic twist or soft and loose bun at the back. A delicate headband with crystal or pearl accents is an elegant accompaniment to an illusion gown.

Portrait neckline or off the shoulder wedding gowns are defined by the way they show off the bride's graceful shoulders. Therefore, it is a given that the wedding hairdo should lift the bride's hair up to allow her shoulders to show. A low braided bun or a faux bob (in which hair is pinned up very loosely) is a lovely style to wear with a portrait neckline bridal gown. The soft styles are not too severe and they will help to enhance the beautifully cut neckline of the dress. A cluster of hairpins tucked into the bun is the ideal bridal hair jewelry for this elegant wedding hairstyle.

In general, seek a wedding hairstyle which suits the style of your gown as well as the shape of the neckline. If your gown has a woodsy bohemian flavor, then a loose side braid would make sense, just as a sharp bob would be fantastic with a 1920s flapper inspired dress. Need hairstyle ideas? Check out our wedding hair pins on our idea page. When the wedding gown, hairstyle, and accessories all work together in harmony, the results will be nothing short of stunning!


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