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Bouquet Toss

The bouquet toss has evolved over many decades to its current form, namely that the single woman catching the bouquet after it is randomly thrown, will be the next to marry. This tradition is routed in an historic parallel. Many years ago in European culture, the bride’s attire was considered good luck. Wedding guests would actually try to tear off a piece of the brides dress to attain some of her good fortune. (Clearly the bride was not thought of as highly then as she is now!) The tossing of the bouquet over her back was an effort to distract and appease the crowd while the bride ran away. Recently, however, the tradition is once again evolving in response to unfortunate circumstances. There are several reasons couples are abandoning this tradition and the garter toss tradition as well. The first is the potential embarrassment of single women who are sometimes forcefully encouraged to take part, and the second, true in both the bouquet and garter toss, is the danger of physical injury to children or even the participants in the revelry. Some DJ’s and venues actually have release forms to be signed by the couple should they desire to hold with these traditions. There have been many alternatives offered by modern couples, the choice of which demonstrate the uniqueness of the couple and their relationships with family and friends. Replacements include passing one flower from the bouquet to each unmarried female guest, or giving the bouquet to the mother of the bride, grandmother, or another special guest.

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