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Selecting an Officiant

Your choice of officiant is an important one as this person sets the pace, spirit and tone of your wedding ceremony. Before you begin your search, decide whether you want a religious, secular, multi-faith, nondenominational or civil ceremony. Another issue to discuss when searching for and talking to a potential officiant is the location of the ceremony. Many pastors only perform ceremonies in their own houses of worship, while some, as well as many civil officants are agreeable to perform your ceremony outdoors, or at your reception location. It is helpful if the personality of the officiant is complementary to you as a couple, because it is they who will keep the ceremony focused and serious, letting your personal vows take center stage, or inject humor keeping the event lighthearted – or a combination of both! While you are speaking to potential officiants, you should also inquire if marriage or relationship classes or meetings are required before the event. (These may take some time out of your busy schedule, but are a great way to work out potential issues before you wed, or to solidify and confirm your decision to spend your lives together.)

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