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Catering, Cake Cutting Fee

If a wedding cake not created by the venue, there is typically a cake cutting fee, averaging $1.50 – but at a more exclusive venue could be twice that. . this typically includes cutting of the cake after the bride and groom cut and feed each other pieces, plating the cake and the An argument to negotiate the cutting fee, is if the venue doesn’t actually offer a cake as part of its meal options. Then, why should you be charged for bringing in something you have no choice but bring in. Another way to avoid the charge is to have cupcakes instead (and a small cake for the couple to cut ceremonially) or to have family cut the cake (would still need to negotiate the plates and flatware needed), or to have mini cakes on each table, intended to be cut and served by those sitting there. Reasons for the charge really aren't based on the cutting itself, if there are already waiters and servers on hand. It is to cover the cost of using the plates and flatware and the washing. Many venues charge for serving cupcakes as well – an alternative is to invite your guests to come to the table and choose a cupcake.

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